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Starting with Tackle, Co-ed Flag, and Fall baseball/softball, the AAL is going GREEN!  ALL registrations for AAL sports will be completed online!  For more information, log in to each individual sport website!
AAL is proud to announce that we have added a new sport: Acreage Hawks Wrestling!  This program will run out of Seminole Ridge High School and is for all children ages 5-14.  For more information, send email inquiries to 
or call 561-285-1264
Acreage Athletic League has three open President Positions: Girls Flag football. 
These positions are volunteers positions and will require you to attend, at least, two monthly meetings, volunteers hours on the field and have knowledge of the sport applying for.  Official positions will be a two-year commitment.   Once approved by EXBOD, Presidents begin training immediately. 
Send applications or call561-285-1284 for further information.
ALL parents of players participating in ANY and ALL  Acreage Athletic League sports programs MUST read the information about Head injuries and Concussions.  Check out:



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